Company Culture Company Culture

  • Talent Concept

    People-oriented, keep pace with the times.

    Talent Concept
  • Customer Needs

    Customers are our life, and serving customers is our job. We know that the joys and sorrows of customers determine our joys and sorrows.

    Customer Needs
  • Teamwork

    We have a perfect and efficient team, we provide customers with 7x24 service support, unity and cooperation and team work are very harmonious, can provide customers and enterprises with a steady strea...

Company Culture
  • Win-win

    In line with the trilateral win-win concept of enterprises, customers, and merchants, we provide and create a trilateral win-win ecosystem, online partners, offline friends, mutual benefit, and win-wi...

  • Mission

    Become the first choice between customers and suppliers.

  • Code of Conduct
    Code of Conduct

    Use culture to unite people's hearts, use systems to control human nature.

Company Structure Company Structure

To the operation of suppliers and logistics; established a company headquarters in Haikou, Hainan, mainly dedicated to the company's administrative operations and corporate construction, and the two headquarters cooperate with each other and develop together.

Medikament Structure