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How Will POCT, a Cardiac Marker, Revolutionize Diagnosis?

The development and clinical application of POCT involve a wide range of fields, and it has an unprecedented impact. As said in evidence-based medicine, "The development of experimental diagnosis not only improves the level of disease diagnosis, but can even change the treatment plan and improve the treatment effect." POCT regards it as a new revolution in diagnostic technology and a huge challenge to traditional testing.

1. The cardiac marker test impacts the revolution of the diagnostic processes

Testing has become an indispensable basis for clinical evidence-based diagnosis and treatment of patients. From the doctor issuing the test order to get the report, there are more than ten steps that must be taken. Also, the feedback time is very long.

POCT can meet the requirements of STAT. This is due to the simple, fast and correct analysis method. At the same time, the on-site analysis greatly reduced the sample transfer process, which shortens the reporting time and the change of errors. It can be said that it achieves personalized service.

The cardiac markers list is particularly effective in emergency rescue and differential diagnosis. For example, it can be used to determine myocardial infarction to avoid missed diagnoses that may lead to death.

Non-infarct patients do not need to be hospitalized. The purpose is to avoid staff tension, waste health resources and increase medical expenses.

This feature can also be used in specialist clinics. Also, it is widely used in customs, anti-drug food quarantine and even on the battlefield.

2. The cardiac marker test affects the changes in the medical treatment

There are two main types of visiting doctors. One is to check if there is a disease, which is screening. The other is to treat certain diseases, which is therapeutic.

From the survey and research of health economics and health resource utilization, it is found that if multiple large and medium hospitals and a small number of community health clinics in the same area with the same population are concentrated into one large general hospital and several community health clinics, it can save money and benefit the residents by improving their health.

However, the level of community hospitals should be improved considerably. The cardiac marker test will play a major role, and the previous model of "getting the medicine after asking about the disease" should be changed. The in vitro diagnostic test kits should be applied and the data should be used as a basis, and the practice mode of evidence-based medicine will also be implemented.

3. The cardiac marker test is a huge challenge to the traditional testing

With the development of POCT, the testing location will move to places that are closer to patients such as wards, outpatient clinics, emergency departments, intensive care units and operating rooms.

The work will be reallocated. The cardiac marker test that is partially or occasionally used will become the most important of clinical testing.

Large-scale automation equipment has become a way to solve problems and fill gaps. Therefore, there is a profound revolution in laboratory medicine, which will change the existing organizations, management modes and operating procedures.

With the progress of biotechnology, medical diagnosis is bound to move towards a more convenient, more sensitive and more accurate direction. The rise of the cardiac marker test is also bound to revolutionize hospital visits and medical practices.