We provide test kits for various infectious diseases, such as Ebola test kit, HCV virus test kit, dengue test kit, Malaria test kit, H.pylori test kit. We integrate our dedicated and professional team of Research & development, manufacturing, sales & marketing, and servicing to realize the superior quality of production and placement of ivd kit, rapid in vitro diagnostic test kits etc.

Types Of IVD Test Kit

Advantages Of IVD Test Kits Produced By Medikament

We advanced engineering techniques and a powerful design team to help you utilize our unique retailfast ivd test kits. We get full ability to provide you high-quality ivd medical device with simple-to-use formats that provide consistent ivd device performance for you and your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions About IVD Test Kits

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    What are in vitro diagnostic tests?


    An inspection kit is a common in vitro diagnostic medical device, also known as in vitro diagnostic device, which refers to a kit for inspecting a specific item, usually used in in vitro diagnostic tests. The commodity form is a packaging box that contains all the reagents of the item. For example, ELISA surface antigen detection kit includes coating plate, yin-yang control, enzyme reagent, plate washing solution, chromogenic solution, termination solution, etc. The test reagent management system is a professional reagent management software, which is specially developed for the efficient and accurate management of reagents in the laboratory. It is applicable to the laboratory departments of hospitals, blood centers, and CDC.

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    What is the detection principle of colloidal gold rapid detection card?


    Colloidal gold rapid detection card is a type of colloidal gold test developed by colloidal gold immunochromatography technology. This technology is a fast and simple immunological detection technology established on the basis of immune permeation technology in the early 1990s. There are the double antibody sandwich method, double antigen sandwich method, small molecule competition method, and so on.

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    Does in vitro diagnostic testing work?


    Yes. It can provide fast ,accurate results.

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