We provide one step rapid test IVD for various infectious diseases, such as colloidal gold antibody test, ebola test kit, hepatitis C test kit, dengue test kit, H.pylori test kit and malaria test kit for sale. As an experienced diagnostic kit manufacturers, we integrate our dedicated and professional team of research & development, manufacturing, sales & marketing, and services to realize the superior quality of production and placement of IVD test kits, rapid test IVD kits etc.

In Vitro Diagnostic Test Kits Types

One Step Rapid Test for In Vitro Diagnostic Use Only

Rapid test IVD device can provide rapid detection of pathogens and other molecules in biological samples. Rapid test in vitro diagnostic test kits can produce results within minutes of exposing the sample, thereby allowing for on-the-spot diagnosis and treatment. This speed is of the utmost importance during emergency situations and also highly convenient in busy clinical settings.

After the occurrence of Corona Virus Disease 2019, how to quickly and accurately screen and diagnose patients with new coronary pneumonia has become the top priority of epidemic prevention and control. Choose our in vitro diagnostic devices!

Medikament-produced In Vitro Diagnostic Test Kits Advantages

Being a professional IVD test kits supplier, we advanced engineering techniques and a powerful design team to help you utilize our unique retail fast in vitro diagnostic test kits. We get the full ability to provide you high-quality IVD medical device with simple-to-use formats for you and your customers.

In Vitro Diagnostic Test Meaning

IVD (In Vitro Diagnosis) refers to products and services outside the human body that obtain clinical diagnostic information by testing human samples (blood, body fluids, tissues, etc.) to determine diseases or body functions.

After the occurrence of Corona Virus Disease 2019, how to quickly and accurately screen and diagnose patients with new coronary pneumonia has become the top priority of epidemic prevention and control.

An inspection kit is a common in vitro diagnostic medical device, also known as IVD kit, which refers to a kit for inspecting a specific item, usually used in in-vitro diagnostic tests. The commodity form is a packaging box that contains all the reagents of the item. For example, ELISA surface antigen detection kit includes coating plate, yin-yang control, enzyme reagent, plate washing solution, chromogenic solution, termination solution, etc. The test reagent management system is a professional IVD diagnostic reagent management software, which is specially developed for the efficient and accurate management of reagents in the laboratory. In vitro diagnostic  rapid test device is applicable to the laboratory departments of hospitals, blood centers, and CDC.

Rapid Test Kit Colloidal Gold

The in vitro diagnostic kits are simple and fast to operate, no ceremony is required, and the detection time only takes 5-15 minutes. It is suitable for rapid on-site detection in grassroots hospitals, disease control institutions, airports, customs, etc., and fully serves the needs of epidemic prevention and control.

The product is lightweight, portable, and suitable for places where a large-scale investment is in dense crowds

The rapid test IVD kits sold by our company, including Ebola Test Kit, HCV Test Kit, Dengue Test Kit, Malaria Test Kit, H.pylori Test Kit, can be used in various scenarios.

Colloidal Gold Antigen Test Instructions

Colloidal gold is a commonly used labeling technique. It is a new type of immunolabeling technique that uses colloidal gold as a tracer to be applied to antigen and antibody. It has its unique advantages. It has been widely used in various biological researches in recent years. Almost all immunoblotting techniques used in the clinic use its markers. At the same time, it can be used in flow cytometry, electron microscopy, immunology, molecular biology and even biochips.

Ebola Test Kit is a Colloidal Gold Antigen test product recommended by our company, which can quickly and accurately produce results.

Colloidal Gold Antigen Test Accuracy

Mainly depends on whether the sensitivity and specificity of the raw materials such as monoclonal antibodies, polyclonal antibodies, antigens, haptens, protein chimeras, and colloidal gold can meet the highest standards

It also depends on the protein purification method, antibody subtype, protein purity and preservation solution.

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