Anti-free-Beta-HCG McAb (labeling)

McAb to free hCG beta

Monoclonal Antibody to Human Chorionic Gonadotropin free beta chain (free hCG-ß)

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Anti-free-Beta-HCG McAb (labeling) Specifications

Catalog #: L1C00104

Specificity: Specifically recognizes the beta subunit of hCG. No cross-react with hLH, hTSH or hFSH. 

Clone: HC004

Host Animal: Mouse

Immunogen: Purified natural beta HCG

Source: Ascites

Format: Purified, Liquid

Purification: >90% pure. Protein A Sepharose chromatography. Purity is tested by electrophoresis. 

Concentration&Lot: 2.5mg/ml 

Lot.: L180501

Buffer: 0.01M PBS, 0.15M NaCl, pH 7.4

Preservative: None

Applications: Suitable for use in immunochromatography. Each laboratory should determine an optimum working titer for use in its particular application. Other applications have not been tested but use in such assays should not necessarily be excluded. 

Recommended pair for sandwich immunoassay:

Capture: L1C00103

Detection: L1C00104

Storage&Shelf life: Store at -20 C for 3 years. Avoid multiple freeze/thaw cycles.

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