Ebola Test Kit

Ebola Test Kit

Ebola Rapid Test Kit (Colloidal gold method) is intended for the qualitative detection of ebola antigens from Nose swabs. This rapid test IVD for ebola is intended to be used as an aid in the diagnosis of ebola, secretion of patients, and the incubation period of infection is 2-21 days. All the infected patients had high fever, headache, sore throat, weakness and muscle pain. Then there's vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea. 

Within two weeks after the onset of the disease, the virus overflowed, leading to internal and external bleeding, blood coagulation, necrotic blood quickly spread to all organs of the body, patients eventually appear oral, nasal and anal bleeding and other symptoms, patients can die within 24 hours. In about 1500 confirmed ebola cases, the mortality rate is as high as 88%. Ebola test kit for sale, contact us for more info!

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How to Rapid Test for Ebola

Accurate, rapid and reliable, Medikament's ebola antigen test kit is the most clinically sensitive assay for detecting the presence of the Ebolavirus. Suitable for both low-level and high-level EVD patient specimens, this Ebola test kit is a diagnostic tool that can determine whether or not a patient has been exposed to or infected by Ebola.


Ebola Antigen Test Kit Features

  • Simple operation, accurate and fast quantification.

  • Fluorescence quantitative PCR detection, the reaction specificity is strong.

  • Provide a positive control for easy analysis of experimental results.

  • The PCR mix contains loading dye, which can be directly loaded for electrophoresis after PCR. This rapid diagnostic test for Ebola is only suitable for scientific research and cannot be used for clinical diagnosis.

Ebola Test Kit for Sale

The ebola test kit is a commonly used tool in medical examination, which is  designed for rapid and qualitative detection of Ebola virus. Medikament's ebola test kit is popular for its features of simple use, fast testing and accurate & efficient detecting data. It is definitely a new effective diagnostic tool for Ebola virus, achieving rapid diagnosis for individuals who is suspected being infected. 

Ebola Test Kit Application

The ebola test kit is a widely used tool in medical examination, which is  designed for rapid and qualitative detection of Ebola virus. It is easy to use while the test result is accurate. It is suitable for auxiliary diagnosis of suspected malaria patients or case screening. Therefore it plays a significant role when there is an Ebola virus pandemic, helping to achieve fast detection, contributing to virus prevention and control. 

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