List of Cardiac Markers Catalog # Source Forma Purification Concentration Lot
Anti-HE4 McAb (Coating) PDF Download L1C02601 Mouse Ascites Purified, Liquid Protein A chromatography 6.5mg/ml L180401
Anti-HE4 McAb (Labling) PDF Download L1C02602 Mouse Ascites Purified, Liquid >90% pure (SDS-PAGE). Protein A chromatography 3.4mg/ml (OD280nm) L170401
0.7mg Human Epididymis Protein 4, HE4 PDF Download L2C02602 Pichia pastoris Purified, Liquid > 85% (determined by SDS gelelectrophoresis) 0.7mg/mlv L160401
1mg Human Epididymis Protein 4, HE4 PDF Download L2C02601 E. coli Purified, Liquid > 90% (determined by SDS gelelectrophoresis) > 90% (determined by SDS gelelectrophoresis) L160701

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