NeoCide® IVD Reagents PC-950

NeoCide® PC-950 preservative is a highly effective biocide for controlling microorganisms in biological media for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) products. Suitable media include reagents, control solutions, calibration solutions, buffers, ISE, GIA (Colloidal Gold Immunoassay), EIA (Enzyme Immunoassay), blood cell, blood type test reagent and mobile phases. With broad-spectrum activity, excellent compatibility and stability, and low toxicity and biodegradable at use levels, NeoCide PC-950 preservative is the ideal choice for replacing Thimerosal, Sodium Azide, and Gentamicin. 

NeoCide PC-950 preservative eradicates bacteria, fungi, and yeasts in reagents for prolonged periods, thereby increasing a product's shelf life and open vial stability. The water solubility permits easy incorporation into IVD reagents. Further, NeoCide PC-950 preservative does not affect the functionality of most enzyme- or antibody-linked reactions, and will not interfere with assay indicators.

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