What is the IVD reagents definition? NeoCide® Preservative is the effective preservation of chemicals (abbreviated to PC) and a new biocide (unison to NeoCide) for controlling microorganisms in biological media for IVD raw materials products. Suitable media includes in vitro diagnostic reagents, control solutions, calibration solutions, buffers, and mobile phases. With broad-spectrum activity, excellent compatibility and stability, and low toxicity and biodegradable at use levels, NeoCide preservative is the ideal choice for replacing Thimerosal, Sodium Azide, and Gentamicin.

Due to outstanding IVD reagent manufacturing, NeoCide preservative eradicates bacteria, fungi, and yeasts in ivd diagnostic reagents for prolonged periods, thereby increasing a product's shelf life and open vial stability. The water solubility permits easy incorporation into in vitro diagnostic reagents. Further, in vitro diagnostic reagents does not affect the functionality of most enzyme-or antibody-linked reactions, and will not interfere with assay indicators. The composition of the product is exactly the same as that of Sigma-Aldrich.

  • NeoCide® IVD Reagents PC-300
    Active Ingredients of PC-300 is CMIT/MIT 3.0%. Alkyl carboxylate 2~3% as its Sstabilizer/synergism, dissolved in modified glycol. It can be stored 3 years at room temperature. Major application in Enzyme/Antibody reagents,in Chemistry/Immoassay /PCR area.
  • NeoCide® IVD Reagents PC-150
    Active Ingredients of PC-150 is CMIT/MIT 1.5%. Mg salts 23-25% as its Sstabilizer/synergism, dissolved in Purified Water. It can be stored 4 years at room temperature. Major application in Buffers/Diluent/Cleaner, in hemotology area.
  • NeoCide® IVD Reagents PC-950
    Active Ingredients of PC-950 is CMIT/MIT 9.5%,dissolved in Purified Water. It can be stored 3 years at room temperature. Major application in Controls/GIA/EIA.
  • NeoCide® IVD Reagents BND-99
    Active Ingredients of BND-99 is 10% 5-Bromo-5-Nitro-1,3-Dioxane. The composition of the product is exactly the same as that of BD series products of Roche.

In-vitro IVD Reagent Definition

 IVD refers to the removal of blood, body fluids, tissues and other samples from the human body, and the use of in vitro diagnostic reagents, kits, calibrators, quality control substances, etc. to test and verify the samples. The blood routine, urine routine, stool routine, blood sugar monitoring, anemia screening and so on that we do in the hospital all use in vitro diagnostic reagents. These ivd diagnostic reagents are crucial for the accurate and rapid diagnosis of diseases and health conditions in patients. Therefore, IVD reagents must be of high quality and standardized to ensure accurate and reliable results, which are essential for clinical decision-making.

IVD Diagnostic Reagent Application

IVD diagnostic reagents are widely used in medical examination procedure for the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of chronic disease and critical disease for patient. They are designed for the examination of specimens that are taken from the human body and are widely used in immunology, clinical chemistry, molecular diagnostic, hematology and urinalysis. With the increasing need of IVD reagent manufacturing in healthcare, genomic, and proteomic services, IVD diagnostic reagents are playing a more and more important role in healthcare institutes, independent laboratories and research institutes.

NeoCide® IVD Reagents Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q How does NeoCide® IVD Reagents PC-300 work?

    NeoCide® IVD Reagents PC-300 works by utilizing its active ingredient, CMIT/MIT (Chloromethylisothiazolinone/Methylisothiazolinone). These compounds have antimicrobial properties and can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms.

  • Q Can NeoCide® IVD Reagents PC-300 be used in combination with other reagents or solutions?

    Yes, NeoCide® IVD Reagents PC-300 can be used in combination with other reagents or solutions in the IVD field. However, it is always recommended to consult the specific instructions provided by the IVD Reagent  manufacturing company or seek expert advice when considering such combinations.

  • Q What are the specific precautions or storage conditions for NeoCide® IVD Reagents?

    It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines for proper storage and handling of  NeoCide® IVD Reagents. Here are some general considerations:

    Storage: All four IVD Reagents (PC-300, PC-150, PC-950, BND-99) should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Room temperature storage is suitable as specified for each product (3 years for PC-300, 4 years for PC-150, 3 years for PC-950, specifics not provided for BND-99). 

    Handling: When handling the IVD Reagents, it is advisable to use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves and goggles to minimize potential contact with the skin or eyes.

    Disposal: Follow the proper disposal procedures for chemical waste as per local regulations and guidelines. It is advisable to consult the manufacturer's instructions or regulatory guidance for specific recommendations on  disposing IVD Reagents.

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