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OEM And ODM Service To Clients

We can customize according to the requirements of customers, such as changing meter color, logo print, package customize, etc. In terms of packing, if need, we can provide corresponding good packaging for your reference.

1. The company's credit commitment


1.1. Our company is a high-quality enterprise born in response to the Hainan International Free Trade Port

1.2. Our company has high-quality supporting resources of IVD Raw Materials and IVD Test Kits and logistics system

1.3. Our company has a good business environment  

1.4. Our company has a dedicated technical support department of IVD Raw Materials and IVD Test Kits to ensure fast and efficient after-sales service channels.


2. Pre-sale service commitment


2.1. Provide professional consultation. We guarantee to answer any professional technical questions related to IVD products you raise within 24 hours.

2.2. Provide detailed information. We guarantee to mail out all the technical information of in vitro diagnostic products you need within 24 hours.  

2.3. Provide a reasonable quotation. We guarantee to make a reasonable quotation for the in vitro diagnostic products you require within 24 hours.

3. Service Commitment in Sale

3.1. We guarantee that you will sign the contract with a unified "Purchase and Sale Contract".

3.2. We guarantee to strictly implement the provisions of the contract regardless of the contract volume. 

3.3. We guarantee punctuality, quality, and quantity to strictly implement the provisions of the contract.


4. After-sales service


4.1. We guarantee to conduct telephone guidance within 24 hours, and you will troubleshoot simple equipment failures by yourself.

4.2. Ensure 100% customer satisfaction

Shipping Info

We are committed to providing customer a best-in-class service. Our R&D team has 5 technical representatives who have rich experience. We also have a close cooperation relation with many domestic companies to support our research and development. All of these resources are ready to deliver technical support to you.

After you make the payment, we will arrange the delivery for you first, and inform you of the delivery time and the estimated time of arrival. The resulting customs duties and other taxes are not included in the transportation costs.